Getting the Greatest Benefit from Security Screen Doors

The traditional screen door is left unlocked. Back when screen doors could allow cross ventilation in a home, an unlocked screen door was the norm. Now, with the rampant exposure to crime, every home need to put security at the forefront of their minds. Security screen doors Los Angeles CA will allow you to leave your doors open again. You can once again get that cross-ventilation grandma and grandpa bragged about.

The Difference Between a Security Screen Door and Plain Screen Door

A security screen door has the mesh lining to keep bugs out and it has metal bars to keep people out too. Plus, it is equipped with a heavy-duty lock. The meatal is steel, aluminum or metal allow, all of which are thick enough to provide adequate security. Steel frames are 2 to 3 inches wide, while aluminum and metal alloy frames are as much as 6 inches wide. These doors are durable, because the steel doors are powder coated for protection against the rain and the aluminum will not rust. Plain screen doors do not have metal bars limiting the access of large creatures or people. Their only benefit is the mesh that keeps out the bugs that fly.

Mounting a Security Screen Door

You have a choice of flush mounting your security screen door or tube-frame mounting it. The most natural looking mounting is flush mounting, which makes the security screen door look like it is a natural part of the house because the door is flush. It also has a better seal on the door. With a tube-frame it sticks out away from the house at least 1 to 1.5 inches.

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Additions to Your Security

To make your security screen door even more secure add a pneumatic closer, so whenever it is opened, it will pull itself shut. Add sill extensions to keep crawling bugs out of your home. They will not be able to crawl under the door, no matter how small they are. To prevent having to use two sets of keys to enter your home, get the screen door rekeyed to match the key for your front door.

Security Screen Door Guarantees/Warranties

Most security screen doors come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This covers the frame and ensures it is free of defects and workmanship problems. It also covers the lock and the workmanship involved in attaching it. It may also cover the finish on the door, which is guaranteed for up to one year after the purchase.

Security screen doors are an excellent addition to any home where the air outside is comfortable. The occasional breeze that flows through most areas in the U.S. is delightful when you can benefit from having it blow casually through your home. With the safety provided by security screen doors, a homeowner can afford to leave their doors open to create that fresh flow of a cross breeze throughout their home in the day or night.