Benefits of Using Organic Fertilizers

The benefits of using organic fertilizers have been known for many years. It has been just a few years since this knowledge has caught on as common public knowledge. Organic fertilizers can improve the taste of your food, the health of the plants, and even the soil that it is being applied to.

Organic fertilizers are slower to release which lowers the risk of damaging fragile root systems of the plants. Generally, organic fertilizers are made up of plant and sometimes animal products. These types of products breakdown slowly in the soil and add healthy microbes to the soil. Recently more studies have proven that the microbes in the soil has an effect on the taste, color, and health of plants.

Developing a healthy plant is extremely important to the final production count of a plant. Agricultural companies the use organic crop production fertilizer report positive results from using organic fertilizers. The slow process of the breakdown of the fertilizer gives the plants the correct amount of nutrients and balances the soil properties therefore improving overall plant health. Using these natural fertilizers will increase productivity of the plants, may increase overall nutritional value, and help protect the plants from disease by increasing the overall health of the plants.

Using an organic fertilizer has other benefits too. The quality of soil will increase over time. In contrast, using chemical-based fertilizers can decrease the health of the soil over time from salt build up, chemical build up, and nutrient depletion. By adding organic fertilizers to your soil, you can increase the overall nutrients of the soil. This process deposits healthy microbes that may have been previously denied growth by chemical fertilizers. More gardeners and farmers are realizing how important microbes are to their soil.

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Chemical fertilizers can increase the salt content in the soil as well. This can damage a plant and eventually make the soil unusable for plant production. This can force the farmer into more work, such as moving their crops while the soil can be worked back into a viable place to grow. This can cost money and time for the bottom line of an agricultural business or home gardener.

Water conservation is on everyone’s mind. Water restrictions are affecting almost everyone. Whether you are a large grower, or a homeowner water is on your mind. Healthy soil will help with water conservation. Soil that has ample nutrients will hold water for longer. In turn less water is needed for food or plant production. Organic fertilizers build up natural matter in the soil which. After years of reducing chemicals you will still be enjoying increased quality in your soil, plant production, and food production.

Safety is another concern reported in mainstream media and society. For many years chemicals we have considered safe are turning out to be causing harm to humans and animals. This is a sensitive time in our society and an important time as well. Using organic fertilizers will have a positive effect on soil and production but on reputation as well.